7 Must-Watch Movies About Complicated Relationships

7 Must-Watch Movies About Complicated Relationships

Sometimes, it is just vitally important to know that you are not alone in this world, that you are not the only person who has faced such a challenge, and that there is a way out do girls like tall guys. If you are looking for movies, which might reflect the story of your complicated relationships, look at these great films.

1. Carol.

The film looks like stylization for old Hollywood, but don't expect old-fashioned primness from it. A vibrant and drama story hides behind the graceful form. This is a film about beautiful, sincere but forbidden love. Does the surrounding society have the right to tell you who and when to love? If you give up your feelings, following unwritten statutes, then does this mean you sacrifice yourself?

2. Chloe.

Catherine is sure that her spouse David is cheating on her. She cannot ask him directly about that, so she comes up with a non-standard way to figure out everything. Catherine hires a ten-o'clock girl Chloe, who must seduce David and report on his behavior to her. According to the girl, David does not pass the test, and now, Catherine wants to find out how far everything will go.

3. The Past.

Sophia and Rimini have been in love with each other since their early youth. They have been married and lived together for twelve years and looked like a perfect couple. However, it turns out that such a beautiful story can have a sad ending. Rimini realizes that he no longer loves Sophia and wants to start a new life without her.

4. The Break-Up.

Many couples face the situations when everyone is right in their own way, no one wants to give in, and a foolish quarrel results in large-scale military actions with a single and very important goal. Gary and Brooke are tired of living together and want to get a divorce, but their apartment becomes a stumbling block. They are ready to go to extreme measures, just to defend their opinion. This movie with an unexpected ending will make you think about the irreversibility of some actions.

5. The Story of Us.

This film is about the period that precedes divorce. When spouses who have been married for 15 years have accumulated so much anger and irritation that they loathe each other. They are desperately fighting for the restoration of family happiness, but it’s a real challenge to understand the partner and look at the situation with their eyes. It is a life-affirming movie with an honest look at complicated relationships.

6. Big eyes.

It is a biographical drama about the life of American artist Margaret Keane. Being an exemplary wife, she doesn’t realize at first that her husband uses her talent and arrogates it to himself. Their divorce was a big scandal of the fifties and at the same time, it became one of the first major victories of feminism and common sense.

7. Wild.

Cheryl is crushed by divorce and the death of her mother, so she cannot stay at home. To heal the spiritual wounds, she takes a heavy backpack and sets off along the dangerous route of the highest parts of the Sierra Nevada Range and the Cascade Mountains. She is looking for answers to the questions of the past.


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