4 Movies About Divorce to Watch Before Making the Final Decision

4 Movies About Divorce to Watch Before Making the Final Decision

Divorce is a stressful moment in the life of any person who sit on women dating sites. Everyone experiences this process differently because there is no universal and correct way to cope with the situation. Everything is complicated if spouses have children, who are turned into an instrument for influencing in divorce proceedings. Here are four absolutely sincere movies about divorce and breakup, which will help you look afresh at the situation.

1. Revolutionary Road.

It is about the mid-1950s, one of the suburbs of New York, where spouses Frank and April practically embody the American dream. They have a beautiful house with a lawn, a couple of kids, a car. Since their acquaintance, they dream of moving to Paris, but they have postponed this idea for seven years. Dissatisfaction with each other, boredom, daily graft and unrealized ambitions make them believe that the move is the only thing that can make them happy. This is an unusually beautiful and truthful drama about the collapse of ambition and the inability to come to terms with reality.

2. A Separation (Jodaeiye Nader az Simin).

The intellectual drama about divorce, which has won the Oscar as the best film in a foreign language, will tell you about the harsh features of this phenomenon in the deeply traditionalist Iranian society. Simin wants to divorce Nader and leave Iran, but the court forbids her to take her daughter with her. Nader refuses to leave the homeland because he does not want to leave his seriously ill father, who, actually, doesn’t have many chances to recover. This movie is just imbued with personal drama, philosophical and religious undertones.

3. What Maisie Knew.

It is a look at the family drama through the eyes of a six-year-old child. After a series of endless scandals, a popular rock singer and a successful art dealer decide to divorce, and the child becomes the main weapon of their confrontation. Each of the spouses wants to get custody of the kid out of a desire to get back at another one, but nobody thinks about the needs of the baby girl. Parents do not want to lose their freedom, so they start relationships with new "convenient" partners, who can take care of their daughter. However, they are very surprised when she becomes truly attached to the people who care about her. This is a very frank story about important things.

4. Kramer vs. Kramer.

This story is familiar to many families. A man makes a career, neglecting his family. A woman stays at home, raising their son and goes mad with loneliness. Over time, the wife does not withstand the situation, she leaves the family and goes in search of her destiny. Her husband, being left with a child, has to reconsider all the priorities. The wife returns in 18 months, and they start a fierce judicial struggle for custody of the child. Shortly before the shooting of the film, Dustin Hoffman had survived a divorce, so he brought his personal experience to many scenes and dialogues, making the movie more convincing.


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